Lizzie Fletcher Attributes Responsibility for Insurrection to Trump

Lizzie Fletcher Attributes Responsibility for Insurrection to Trump

Isabel Webb Carey
Isabel Webb Carey
January 8, 2021

After the violent mob stormed Capitol Hill and clashed with police on Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (TX-D) issued a statement which stressed President Trump’s responsibility.

She stated: “This insurrection was incited, encouraged, and praised by the President of the United States—an assault on the United States that would once have been unthinkable and must now be addressed.”

The Texas Democrat watched the chaos unfold from the gallery alongside Texas Politics Publisher Javier Manjarres, as well as Reps. Veronica Escobar and Sheila Jackson Lee. Together, they were safely evacuated to the Longworth building.

“It is now clear that the President of the United States represents a grave threat to our Constitution and to our country. He has willfully incited violence against the Government of the United States,” Fletcher wrote. “It is for these reasons that I support his removal from office as soon as possible, whether through the process set forth in the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or through the constitutional process of impeachment.”

Trump has been held responsible for the riots and labelled a seditious threat to the country. Fletcher joins the vast majority of Democrats calling for President Donald Trump’s removal from office either through impeachment or the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

In his pre-recorded message from the White House, Trump condemned the violence: “To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country.” He also issued a warning: “those who broke the law, you will pay.” 

These comments follow earlier encouragement for his supporters to march to the Capitol. These tweets triggered an insurrection inside the halls of Congress as supporters sought to overturn the election result. During the surge, Trump hailed the people who stormed Capitol Hill “patriots” and later stated  “We love you.”

Texas Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee, Veronica Escobar, Sylvia Garcia, Vicente Gonzalez, Lloyd Doggett, Al Green, Joaquin Castro, Henry Cuellar, Marc Veasey and Filemon Vela have joined Fletcher in calling for action against the President.

Invoking the 25th Amendment would require Vice President Mike Pence and a Cabinet majority to vote to remove Trump from office due to an inability to “discharge the powers and duties of his office.” Pence has not yet addressed this option. With 13 days left in Trump’s term, it is unclear whether there is sufficient time or political will in Congress to launch a second impeachment attempt.

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Isabel Webb Carey

Isabel Webb Carey

Isabel Webb Carey attends the University of Texas at Austin in the Plan II Honors Program with a certificate in Core Texts and Ideas. Her interests include education, local governance, sustainability, and equity. Isabel enjoys dancing, hiking, and live music. She is also a staff writer for the Texas Orator. Email her at
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