Cruz Slams Biden for Censoring Detention Center Visit (VIDEO)

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
March 28, 2021

As criticism continues to mount against President Joe Biden (D) because of the recent surge in illegal immigration at the border, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) took a trip to the border with other lawmakers to survey the area with border officials. In a video shared over the weekend, a Biden official is alleged to have stepped in front of a camera filming children in a detention center to stop lawmakers from capturing footage. In response, the Texas Senator directed a letter to President Biden, arguing that the Biden administration lacks transparency after an official “threatened another senator that if he did not delete his pictures, the entire delegation would be kicked out.”

In the video shared on social media, Cruz questioned “how far is Joe Biden going to stop the American people from seeing inside the Donna CBP facility?”

He added that “Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.”

The President has received heavy criticism from supporters for continuing President Donald Trump’s (R) immigration policy after largely campaigning against it. In turn, the decision to open a detention center in Texas drew criticism from prominent Democrats such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D).

In the letter, Cruz details that they “saw hundreds of individuals, many of them infants, who had just cross the Rio Grande under the control of cartel-affiliated smugglers, sitting on the ground between plastic construction fending.” However, when trying to capture footage of this, “the reporters and the cameras could not see any of this because you, President Biden, prevented it.”

Adding that Biden “actively worked to prevent the American public from seeing what we saw,” Cruz called it “outrageous” and slammed the Biden administration because “the Trump administration allowed media into DHS facilities” and “so did the Obama administration, the Bush administration, and the Clinton administration.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina was the Opinion Editor of his high school’s newspaper, and he was also Editor-in-Chief of Miami Dade College’s Urbana literary and arts magazine wherein he also won the 2013 FCSAA Best Fiction Story in the State of Florida Award. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in English Literature. Hobbies in his free time include reading, writing and watching films and basketball.

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