Biden Operative Gets Physical With Texas Reps. Fallon and Jackson at Border

Biden Operative Gets Physical With Texas Reps. Fallon and Jackson at Border

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 29, 2021

The Biden administration’s Donna, Texas temporary detention facility political operative has struck again, this time she literally took a few swipes at Republican Congressmen Pat Fallon and Ronny Jackson (pictured).

During their Monday morning tour of the controversial Donna detention center where Sen. Ted Cruz had his video blocked a couple of days ago,  the Biden operative in question yelled “that’s not 6 feet!” at both Reps. Jackson and Fallon while proceeding to slap their arms to get the members of Congress to distance themselves more from each other.

Both Fallon and Jackson spoke to Texas Politics about the incident after the midday lunch break at a local delicatessen.

“Well, Ron and I were talking, and he requested that she stay 6 feet away from him. And then, as we were talking… Are you vaccinated,” said Fallon. “Yeah, I’m vaccinated. You’re vaccinated, and I’ve had COVID, so we both have the antibodies. So, we know that, and we were talking this close, like normal, and she touched us both and said ‘that’s not 6 feet! That’s not 6 feet!’ And I’m like ‘who are you?’ I said ‘what are you? 11 years old?’

Jackson explained that those ‘touches’ were very firm taps or slap to get them to separate more,

“It’s completely inappropriate,” added Jackson. “Totally inappropriate.”

Fallon then proceeded to refer to her as the delegation’s  “KGB handler,” while Jackson said that he “felt like she was a North Korean handler.”

Fallon continued, saying that they believed that the operatives’ actions of following them around and “taking notes” of what they were doing and saying were her way to suppress border patrol agents from divulging the truth about what was going on before and after the delegation left,

“Because she was following us all around and taking notes, and I didn’t understand why, and then we understood why,” added Fallon. “She was trying to intimidate the border patrol to not tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And they told us privately that they were concerned with her presence, and they didn’t want her there.”

Reps. Jodey Arrington, Beth Van Duyne, Pete Sessions, Jackson, and Fallon, expressed their disgust over the living conditions that the 5,700 children detainees were forced into. Fallon said he was “literally sick to his stomach” with what he saw, while Rep. Van Duyne said that “media needs to be in there” to report on what is really going on, adding that because of all the children laying on the floor, you couldn’t actually see the actual floor.

Van Duyne also confirmed that “none of the 5700 people there have been tested for COVID.”

Rep. Sessions call the overcrowding and overall illegal immigration push a “human crisis issue” that was entirely the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden were “personally responsible for.”

Here are some of the images that Rep. Fallon shared with Texas Politics:

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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