Ted Cruz Believes Biden's Speech Is 'Disconnected'

Ted Cruz Believes Biden's Speech Is 'Disconnected'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 7, 2023

After President Joe Biden’s (D) State of the Union address, Texas Politics talked with Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) to get his opinion on the president’s speech.

“It was unfortunately divisive, angry, and dishonest. And it was disconnected from the challenges facing the American people,” said the Texas senator. “When Joe Biden stands up and says he wants to secure the southern border, that is nothing but a laugh-line because he spent two years undermining security at the border.”

Pres. Biden has faced increasing scrutiny over the last few months regarding the border. However, Sen. Cruz had other issues with Biden’s speech. He stated, “When Joe Biden says he’s concerned about inflation he takes none of the responsibility for the trillions in spending and debt that have caused the out-of-control inflation.”

Cruz did not go without mentioning one of the most recent issues du jour, also known as the “Chinese spy balloon”. “I thought it was unfortunate when he says that ‘America’s enemies are weaker today, and he’s standing up to China.’ Sadly, the entire world has laughed at the president while a Chinese spy balloon hovered over America for over a week.”

“We should have shot it down the instant it entered U.S. air space,” said the senator. Cruz’s sentiments have been echoed by several GOP politicians who, presumably, preferred an instantaneous strike over the delayed strike that took place over water. However, opponents of this view expressed concerns that it could have landed on, and harmed, civilians.

Nevertheless, Cruz was not enthused with the president’s speech. He stated, “I thought it was an angry speech, I thought it was a partisan speech, I thought it was a speech disconnected from working men and women, and it indicated a complete unwillingness to change course we’re on.”

Biden’s State of the Union address touched on many relevant topics, some more sensitive than others, including a ban on assault weapons, mass shootings, police brutality, the death of Tyre Nichols, the budget deficit, inflation, Ukraine and much more.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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