Abbott Frustrated With Biden Not Responding to Border Security

Abbott Frustrated With Biden Not Responding to Border Security "Request"

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 11, 2023

Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues his crusade against what he refers to as “President Biden’s open border policies”. The Biden Administration’s handling of border security has been a target for Gov. Abbott and several other Republicans. In a recent interview, Abbott levied more criticism in Biden’s direction.

“President Biden’s open border policies have created an ongoing crisis he refuses to fix. With the help of our new Border Czar, Mike Banks, Texas is continuing our historic effort to stop the flow of deadly drugs, weapons, and illegal immigrants into our country.” tweeted the Texas governor.

In an interview, Abbott stated, “When the president visited Texas most recently in El Paso, I handed him a letter. That was the eighth letter that I’ve sent to the president concerning challenges that we have on the border, and asking him to enforce immigration laws to stop people from coming across the border illegally.”

The Texas governor expressed his frustration with the Biden Administration’s communication. According to, to the governor, he has not received a response from the president, so far.

“Here’s my point, he hasn’t responded to any of those eight letters or any other request for assistance that we have made. They have left Texas as a frontier outpost, leaving us to our own devices to have to secure our own border for Texas to enforce the immigration laws. And, that’s why I hired someone who served in the border patrol for more than twenty years in leadership positions, including a border patrol headquarters in Washington, D.C., to be the first border czar in the history of Texas to help lead our efforts on the border. He’s going to be stationed down on the border, and will be working on the border every single day to make sure that Texas is doing everything we can to fill the gap where the Federal Government is failing to secure the border,” stated Abbott.

Democrats and Republicans have had very different outlooks on border security and the levels of illegal immigration impacting the country. As Democrats continue to share numbers that show decreasing illegal immigration, Republicans share different metrics that show an increasing volume of illegal immigration.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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