Crenshaw Shares Updates on

Crenshaw Shares Updates on "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons"

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 15, 2023

After the “Chinese spy balloon” situation, the U.S. has been on high alert. Moreover, the country has found itself having to take down multiple unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw (R) took to Twitter to give some explanations about the questionable flyovers.

“Everyone wants answers on the objects flying over the United States. Today Members of Congress finally got more info from senior military officials,” tweeted the Texas representative.

Rep. Crenshaw gave more clarity on the issue, and shared the name of the objects, saying, “We still don’t know what these other 3 objects were. We’re calling them unidentified aerial phenomenons (UAPs).”

“We knew exactly what the China spy balloon was, and immediate steps were taken to stop its data from being sent to China,” said Crenshaw. “The UAPs were in FAA commercial zones and had no signals or navigation lights.”

The size of the objects had a major effect on the country’s ability to track them. Crenshaw stated, “The first two UAPs were smaller, the size of an ATV, and harder to detect. The third resembled a balloon, and was easier for the radar to pick up.” Despite their different sizes and weights, all of them traveled via “wind currents.”

Many American citizens and representatives have questioned the timing of the information’s release.“Why are we just now seeing them?” said Crenshaw, before offering more answers. “Heightened surveillance means we’re tracking more objects. These objects passed near DOD facilities, & posed a danger to commercial aircraft—why they were shot down. (China balloon posed no threat to civilian aircraft, because it was above 60k ft).”

The uptick in UAP sightings has caused much skepticism. However, Crenshaw offered an explanation. “Newer technology has allowed for more detection in recent years. UAPs weren’t detected before because our radars were not adjusted for slow-moving objects,” stated the GOP congressman.

Crenshaw concluded by sharing that there were still more unanswered questions. “There’s obviously still a lot we don’t know,” said Crenshaw. “I’m going to continue pushing for transparency so Americans know what’s going on in the skies above their country.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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