Rep. Escobar Proposes New Rules for Asylum-Seekers

Rep. Escobar Proposes New Rules for Asylum-Seekers

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 23, 2023

Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar (D) recently proposed new rules for asylum-seeking migrants.

“Seeking asylum at our border is an established right and the last thing we should compromise,” stated the Texas congresswoman.

The El Paso native expressed her frustration with the Biden administration’s policies surrounding asylum.

“I am disappointed that the Biden Administration is choosing to limit access to asylum, which is one of the few remaining legal pathways many migrants have for fleeing violence and seeking refuge in our country,” stated Rep. Escobar.

Escobar honed in on existing privileges that the U.S. grants migrants. In her statement, she stated, “Seeking asylum at our border is an established right and the last thing we should compromise.”

Many of the Texas representative’s qualms are in reference to the technological difficulties that make the applications for asylum more difficult.

“Since the announcement of new parole programs and the launch of the CBP One app, I have raised concerns with the administration about the application’s limitations and usability concerns, as well as the impact this new requirement may have on families that do not have the means to access the app.”

The congresswoman previously shared similar views to the Biden administration when it came to asylum seekers. However, her statement shows that she now has different views.

“In the past, I have commended the Biden Administration for their efforts to expand legal pathways for asylum seekers while working to restore full asylum access at our ports of entry, but the policies outlined in the proposed rule are a step backward.” 

Her statement pushes for change that leaves the policies from 30 years ago in the past. 

Escobar states, “The Administration continues to utilize policies focused on migration deterrence, but if we have learned anything over the last three decades, it’s that deterrence policies aren’t a solution.”

Recently, the Texas representative has been focused on gun violence taking place across America, especially in her hometown of El Paso, Texas. 

“I am staying in close contact with local officials who are dealing with a shooting in the same area where 23 lives were taken by a mass shooting 3 years ago. No community deserves multiple incidents of gun violence,” stated the Texas lawmaker.

Escobar’s push for new legislation on asylum highlights the growing bipartisan push to deal with the growing migration rates.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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