Texas Democrats React to the Controversial Paxton Verdict

Texas Democrats React to the Controversial Paxton Verdict

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
September 18, 2023

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was recently acquitted of 16 charges in an impeachment trial. Texas Democrats across the state reacted to the controversial verdict.

Texas Representative Joaquin Castro (D) expressed his disapproval of the outcome of Paxton’s trial.

“Despite overwhelming evidence of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s corruption, @DanPatrick and the Texas Republican Senate acquitted him. So blatantly ignoring the Rule of Law in this case is very dangerous. #KenPaxton #Impeachment

The dismissed charges against Paxton included bribery, corruption and misconduct.

“Ken Paxton has faced criminal investigations his entire career. Less than a year into his tenure as Texas Attorney General, he was indicted on felony securities fraud charges for soliciting investors for his own financial gain. 2/”

Rep. Castro accused Paxton of having impure motives when it came to his time in office.

“His main concern in office has been appeasing his conservative donors. During the pandemic, he used Texas taxpayer money to target COVID restrictions in Colorado on behalf of wealthy donors who owned property there — instead of fighting for Texas families. 3/”

“He's exploited loopholes in Texas bribery laws to pay off his personal legal defense bills, accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from his wealthy cronies. 4/”

Despite the Texas Senate acquitting him, the charges were brought by the House in a GOP-led impeachment.

“His own aides have seen his wrongdoings, formally complaining to the FBI about their boss’ abuses. Even though the Texas GOP is condoning his public corruption - everyone around him knows he’s wrong. 5/”

Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez (D) attacked the legitimacy of the system after Paxton was not impeached.


“Lies and corruption have no place in Texas. Today, I voted to convict Attorney General Ken Paxton. I was proud to uphold my duty as a Texas State Senator.”

Sen. Gutierrez, who is running for senator of Texas, called for his listeners to fight against corruption.

“We must continue fighting until all corrupt Texas politicians are removed from office.”

Similarly to some of her fellow Texas representatives, Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) was troubled by the results of the trial. In her statement, she vehemently disagreed with the verdict and discussed how Paxton was acquitted despite the many charges that had been filed against him.

“Disheartened but unsurprised as the Texas Senate, driven by the Extreme MAGA Texas GOP majority, chooses to acquit AG Ken Paxton. Read my statement below.”

In other news, Texas Representative Greg Casar (D) sat down to address the climate crisis and the Texas grid and how Texas should respond to the issue.

"Whether we’re in the middle of a heat wave or a winter storm, Texas should be able to keep the lights on.  That’s why I’m drafting federal legislation to require Texas to connect to the national grids."

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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