Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Switches Political Party to Republican

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Switches Political Party to Republican

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
September 22, 2023

Former Democrat Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has officially switched his political party to Republican. The move might come as a shock to those who voted for him in the most recent election.

Johnson was elected in 2019 after defeating city councilman Scott Griggs for the position. Prior to that, he had been a state representative of Texas.

In his statement published in the Wall Street Journal, he claimed that his switch of parties was “hardly a red wave.” Johnson continued, stating “the overwhelming majority of Americans who call our cities home deserve to have real choices—not ‘progressive’ echo chambers—at city hall.”

Johnson’s new Republican affiliation now makes Dallas the largest city with a Republican mayor. Moreover, he joins a state that currently has a Republican governor and senators, something that did not go unnoticed by the Texas GOP.

Despite Texas facing new claims of heightened extremism, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) took the time to share his approval and excitement for Johnson’s new political switch.

“Texas is getting more Red every day,” said Gov. Abbott.

However, not everyone shared the same sentiments as Abbott.

The Texas Democratic Party released a statement expressing their disapproval of how Johnson switched parties as well as their lack of surprise.

“Given his long-standing affinity with Republican leaders and ideology — like when he cozied up to longtime podcast host Ted Cruz at his inauguration this year — this announcement is neither surprising nor unwelcome.”

The group also stated that had Johnson switched his party prior to running for office, he would not have been elected.

Johnson’s second term as mayor, which will also be his final, is scheduled to end in 2027.

In other news, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was recently acquitted of 16 charges in an impeachment trial. Texas Democrats across the state reacted to the controversial verdict.

Similarly to some of her fellow Texas representatives, Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) was troubled by the results of the trial. In her statement, she vehemently disagreed with the verdict and discussed how Paxton was acquitted despite the many charges that had been filed against him.

“Disheartened but unsurprised as the Texas Senate, driven by the Extreme MAGA Texas GOP majority, chooses to acquit AG Ken Paxton," said Rep. Garcia.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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