Israel Expands Ground Initiative in Gaza

Israel Expands Ground Initiative in Gaza

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
October 28, 2023

As the Israel-Hamas war continues, Israel has begun to expand their ground excursion in Gaza. This information comes after previous reports stating Israel had stopped supplying power to the region.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the expansion was the beginning of the second stage of the war, as well as being a "second war of independence" for the nation.

The Oct. 7 Hamas attack was deadly with over 1,000 casualties. Despite a strong response from Israeli military forces that included killing multiple Hamas officials, Netanyahu has faced criticism for the security breach by the terrorist organization.

Some of the leading members of the Iranian-backed terrorist group, who orchestrated the attack, were killed in various strikes. Nevertheless, the Israeli prime minister has continued to fend off inquiries into how the attack occurred.

Hamas' assault on Israel has been an all-out attack in which they have killed many children, as well as taken multiple hostages.

Along with the deaths of the Israeli citizens, the group of terrorists is responsible for the deaths of multiple American citizens, as well.

As Israel initially prepared to defend itself against Hamas, they requested precision-guided bombs as well as additional interceptors for the Iron Dome. Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant stated early in the war that the country would cut off the electricity, food, water and fuel of the Gaza region. Gallant has stated that the region will be under “complete siege”.

The fight is proving to be extremely deadly as hundreds continue to be killed in the war. According to the Israeli Health Ministry, Hamas has killed over 700 people in Israel and injured over 2,500 people.

Hamas claims to have over 100 hostages in Gaza. Among the hostages are civilians—including children—and, according to the chief deputy of Hamas’ political bureau, some high-ranking Israeli army officials.


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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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