Rep. Santos to Not Seek Reelection After Scathing Ethics Report

Rep. Santos to Not Seek Reelection After Scathing Ethics Report

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
November 17, 2023

New York Representative George Santos (R) will not seek reelection after the House Ethics Committee released a 56-page report. In the report, Rep. Santos is stated to have misused funds to pay for cosmetic surgery as well as lavish trips.

The scandalized representative has been under fire for months for repeated lies and unethical practices. However, those in the House have had trouble removing the disgraced congressman.

Some of the biggest findings in the report showed that Rep. Santos spent large amounts of money on Botox, sexually themed websites and other purchases unrelated to his campaign and position. Furthermore, the representative made almost $800,000 in personal loans that were not "properly disclosed." Santos was also found to have been "reimbursed" for loans he didn't lend.

Santos stated that he would continue to "serve" his constituents until his term ended. He then clarified that he would not seek reelection for a second term in 2024 to keep his family from the scrutiny of the "press".

There has been a strong bipartisan push to remove Santos from his position. Earlier in the year, he was confronted by Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) at the State of the Union. When some House members pushed to expel him in early November, the majority voted against the motion. However, things have changed in light of the new report.

Many representatives initially voted against expulsion so that he could receive due process. Now that Santos has received that opportunity, many bipartisan Congress members are in favor of expulsion.

Santos's departure from the House marks another shakeup as Colorado Representative Ken Buck (R) stated he would be stepping down.

Rep. Buck's grievance is rooted in his disapproval of how House Republicans have held on to the narrative that the 2020 election was stolen.

"I always have been disappointed with our inability in Congress to deal with major issues and I'm also disappointed that the Republican party continues to rely on this lie that the 2020 election was stolen and rely on the January 6 narrative and political prisoners from January 6 and other things," said Rep. Buck in a statement to MSNBC.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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