Crenshaw Questions China and CDC

Crenshaw Questions China and CDC

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
December 5, 2023

In a series of tweets, Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw (R) pointed out the various risks posed by an illegal biolab being run by a Chinese national, as well as expressing his frustration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The findings highlighted the possible dangers that could come from the communist government of China.

“Earlier this year, local officials discovered that a Chinese national was running an illegal biolab in California. This lab was packed with nasty stuff like dengue, COVID-19, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis. THREAD,” tweeted Rep. Crenshaw.

The court documents released did not state that any diseases themselves were found in the lab, but several illegal lab kits were found with improper labels.

The suspect in the case, Jesse Zhu, who went by several aliases, committed the crimes through the Fresno and Reedley-based companies Universal Meditech Incorporated (UMI) and Prestige Biotech Incorporated (PBI).

The companies did not obtain the required authorizations to manufacture and distribute the test kits and mislabeled some of the test kits. When questioned by FDA officials, Zhu made false claims about his identity, his position with UMI and PBI, and the activities of the two companies.

The Texas congressman stated that some intellectual property had been taken by Zhu and given to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“We also have reason to believe that this individual was stealing American intellectual property for the Chinese Communist Party. If the government found deadly pathogens lying around a hidden lab, you’d assume this would be addressed immediately, right?” said Crenshaw.

“Well, when they called the CDC, they hit a wall. California state and local officials told @repgallagher and @committeeonccp that the CDC was slow to respond, and only launched an official investigation after months of dragging their feet.”

According to Rep. Crenshaw, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) did not provide much clarity for why the lab wasn’t thoroughly tested.

“The CDC Director couldn't give me an answer on why they didn't test all the samples on the spot, as per the request of state and local officials. We just had a pandemic that wreaked havoc worldwide, & our own CDC is claiming they lack the authority to fully test a hidden biolab?”

“This is EXTREMELY concerning and exposes gaping holes in our oversight of risky research. Our federal government is flying blind, with no game plan to identify or tackle this looming threat. We have to get to the bottom of this.”

If convicted, Zhu could face three years in prison for his actions.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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