Ellzey Defends Abbott on Border, Talks Mayorkas Impeachment

Ellzey Defends Abbott on Border, Talks Mayorkas Impeachment

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 7, 2024

In a recent interview with Texas Politics, Texas Representative Jake Ellzey (R) discussed the Abbott administration's handling of the border and the Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment hearing.

“If you ask me, I think the president actually supports it because this problem could be a lot worse if it weren’t for Greg Abbott and the legislature putting money out there and the taxpayers of Texas spending up to, I think we’re at, $6 billion, thus far. Frankly, Biden and the Democrats have Greg Abbott to thank that this problem isn’t much much worse, and it’s already a crisis,” said Rep. Ellzey.

The Texas representative stated that the area that Abbott took over has significantly reduced the number of migrants crossing the border. However, the congressman stated that he was not able to verify if the alleged source or its numbers were accurate, or not.

When asked about the impeachment hearing of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Ellzey stated his unsurety on the issue.

“I’d take one item at a time. I have no idea what judiciary is doing I’m not on judiciary and we’ll see what that vote’s like tonight. I’m going to be in the chair for that vote. I’ll be presiding over that vote, and I’m as curious as anybody to see how that goes,” said Ellzey.

Many members of the House Republican caucus have repeatedly brought up their issue with Mayorkas. Van Duyne is among that group.

“You had a cabinet member that lied to Congress so that is an impeachable defense,” said Van Duyne speaking of Mayorkas.

The representative continued, “Mayorkas has directly lied to Congress. Mayorkas did that. Biden didn’t do that. Mayorkas did that. So, you tell someone to commit a crime, you’re still committing a crime.”

Van Duyne’s thoughts on the issue, however, shockingly appeared to represent a minority viewpoint as the bid to impeach Mayorkas recently failed. It is possible that Ellzey’s hesitation was much more common in the GOP than previously believed.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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