Federal Appeals Court Allows Controversial SB 4 to Take Effect

Federal Appeals Court Allows Controversial SB 4 to Take Effect

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
March 4, 2024

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) celebrated the news regarding a federal appeals court’s decision to grant a temporary stay of a previous court’s ruling that blocked controversial Texas immigration law SB 4.


Federal appeals court allows Texas immigration law to take effect. Law enforcement officers in Texas are now authorized to arrest & jail any illegal immigrants crossing the border,” tweeted Gov. Abbott.

SB 4 has been attacked by several lawmakers for the dangers it poses to Texas. Furthermore, officials like Judge David Alan Ezra, who ruled against the bill, argued that the bill could inspire more states to pass bills similar to Abbott’s.

Critics and legal experts have challenged the legislation for its potential to cause racial profiling. Some have questioned if the bill oversteps state powers, as some argue deportations are to be administered by the federal government.

Despite legal obligations to accept Mexican citizens, the Mexican foreign relations department has stated they will not do so. It is worth noting that, under Texas law, non-Mexican citizens would also end up being deported to Mexican ports of entry, as well, which is against Mexico's laws.

Texas Representative Veronica Escobar (D) was among some of the bill’s many critics.

“SB 4 is blatantly unconstitutional, full stop. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' reversal threatens to upend precedent and put targets on the backs of minority communities like mine,” tweeted Rep. Garcia.

Earlier in the year, the congresswoman had similar things to say about Abbott's highly criticized bill.

“In his continued efforts to rile up his right-wing base, Greg Abbott just signed SB4 into law - the most extreme anti-immigrant state bill in the US. The bill is problematic, dangerous, and downright unconstitutional,” said Escobar.

The bill has not been officially approved, however, as the Supreme Court still has a chance to stop it from going into effect.

“Obviously this is the case unless the Supreme Court intervenes by March 9,” said Abbott about the controversial anti-immigrant legislation.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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