Self Talks Border and the Potential 'Fight' About Speaker Johnson

Self Talks Border and the Potential 'Fight' About Speaker Johnson

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 26, 2024

BUDAPEST—Texas Politics sat down with Texas Representative Keith Self (R) to discuss his military background, opinions on the border and thoughts on Speaker Mike Johnson (R).

Rep. Self gave a detailed history of his time with the military that included what troop he was a part of, as well as where he was stationed.

“So I kind of alternated between the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Forces. Most of my time in the Green Bres was in the first of the 10th Special Forces in Germany. I was in the Forward Deployed Battalion in Bad Tolts, Germany,” said the Texas representative about his military background. “Most of the 10th Special Forces group was in Massachusetts. I was in the Forward Deployed Battalion in Germany. So I commanded a nuclear detachment, which carried a little nuclear device.”

Self explained how he was part of a mission during the Reagan administration that aimed to go deep into Russia, behind front lines, to stop Operational Maneuver Groups.

The Texas congressman also gave his thoughts on Speaker Johnson and the idea of removing him from his position.

“We do not want to do that now,” said Self. “First, first reason is we don't want to do anything to impact the presidential election in November. And I think it would, if we get it now, we can have this fight over the speaker in January of 2025.”

Self stated that there were not many large bills left in the year, and, after the presidential election, Republicans could return to “emphasizing regular order Republican principles.”

The congressman claimed that there’s a chance that President Joe Biden (D) could, in fact, give an executive order on the border in an attempt to persuade voters on his border rhetoric. Self, who applauded Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) highly criticized tactics on the border, called for other nearby conservative governors to send the National Guard to the Texas border.

Self concluded the interview by calling the recent protests that included anti-Semitic attacks on college campuses “anarchy”. He stated that colleges push a socialist rhetoric, which he deemed dangerous for the public.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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