Garcia Announces $8.8 Mil in Housing Funds for ‘Houston Community’

Garcia Announces $8.8 Mil in Housing Funds for ‘Houston Community’

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
May 13, 2024

Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) recently announced $8,807,759 in investments for the Houston Housing Authority. The funding comes from HUD’s Capital Program which seeks to invest in “public housing developments, financing, modernization and improvement.”

“I’m happy to share that the Houston Housing Authority will receive over $8.8 million in federal funding for housing development, modernization and to improve energy efficiency. This award will provide resources to members of the Houston community to rebuild, update and sustain their homes,” said Congresswoman Garcia.

The representative continued, “For many families, homeownership is the first step toward establishing long-term economic security and stability. Modernizing and improving homes strengthens the foundation of our community and uplifts future generations to come.”

The grant will help supply safe, sustainable and affordable housing to Houston families—thus fostering a sense of security and stability. Furthermore, the near $9 million grant will provide Houston with the funds required to continue growing and offering highly desired financial support.

HUD's support will fuel development in local Houston communities and help our families succeed. Moreover, it will also pave the way for the completion of large-scale improvements in housing developments and energy-efficient upgrades to heating and water systems.

Last week, Rep. Garcia released a statement celebrating President Joe Biden expanding access to affordable healthcare for DACA recipients. The congresswoman expressed hope for the new measure, claiming that it contributed “to building healthier and more vibrant communities.”

“I have been fighting for our Dreamers since before I came to Congress, and I commend the Biden Administration for taking this critical step in expanding access to the Affordable Care Act to include DACA recipients. Throughout the COVID pandemic, we saw our Dreamers serve on the front lines in hospitals, clinics, and beyond. Illness does not discriminate on the basis of immigration status, and today’s rule change will save lives,” said Rep. Garcia.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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