Abbott Fights For Families 'Ripped' Apart by Fentanyl

Abbott Fights For Families 'Ripped' Apart by Fentanyl

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 19, 2023

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is continuing to double down on his fight against the smuggling of drugs into the United States. Recently, Gov. Abbott spoke out, once again, about the dangers of fentanyl poisoning.

The Texas lawmaker shared his thoughts in a tweet, stating, “I’ve met Texans whose families have been ripped apart by the fentanyl crisis. Veronica Kaprosy’s daughter, Danica, died in her sleep after taking a pill that, unknown to her, was laced with fentanyl. We will take action this session to help end this travesty.”

“Fentanyl poisoning has now become the leading cause of death of Americans between 18 and 45. This travesty must end,” said Abbott in a public statement. The governor continued to express his concern about how the deadly drug affects a young demographic, saying, “I met with Texas families who have been ripped apart by fentanyl. And, with us here tonight Is Veronica Kaprosy from San Antonio. Last year, she told me about her daughter Danica, a bright, young woman lost in her prime because she took a pill not knowing it was laced with fentanyl. The story of Danica and too many others inspired us to start the ‘One Pill Kills' awareness campaign,” stated Abbott.

Abbott has placed a major focus on stopping the drug from illegally entering the country. The governor recently introduced a new initiative targeting illegal smuggling. "#OperationLoneStar fills the dangerous gaps left by Biden's refusal to secure the border. Texas has made more than 24,000 criminal arrests & seized over 356 MILLION deadly fentanyl doses. While Biden refuses to do his job, Texas is protecting America,” tweeted Abbott.

Fentanyl is often smuggled through the border, but it can also enter the country through open ports. Either way, the governor is not happy about fentanyl’s presence in the country. Abbott’s focus on securing the border has been instrumental in his plan to take down the forces that he believes are the major contributors to the many American deaths from fentanyl overdoses. Border security has proven to be a controversial issue. However, the struggle to prevent fentanyl from entering into the possession of American citizens is a bipartisan issue of increasing relevance.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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