CCP Censors Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul

CCP Censors Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 19, 2023

Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul (R) has officially been censored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for meeting with the president of Taiwan.

“The Chinese Communist Party's aggressive response to the trip I led in Taiwan was predictable. Their intimidation tactics will only strengthen our resolve,” tweeted Rep. McCaul.

In a statement, Rep. McCaul said, “The sanctions only deepen America’s commitment to our ally Taiwan.”

He continued, stating that the CCP’s actions “serve as a powerful reminder of just how threatened the CCP is by self-governing peoples united against tyranny.”

China’s President Xi Jinping has made multiple statements denouncing the idea of Taiwanese independence. However, Rep. McCaul expressed the importance of allying with Taiwan.

“The United States must continue to stand with Taiwan in order to deter Communist China from invading Taiwan.”

In a tweet, Texas Representative Chip Roy (R) echoed McCaul’s sentiments stating, “We must know - and eliminate - the CCP influence in America, now.”

The chairman took umbrage with what he considered slothfulness by the Biden administration.

“Chairman McCaul has signed off on 22 weapons sales to Taiwan; however, the Biden administration continues to flounder when it comes to actually getting these weapons into the hands of the Taiwanese military,” reads the statement.

In his call for peace, McCaul highlighted the importance of avoiding an invasion of Taiwan.

“Deterrence is KEY in order to maintain peace in the region,” said McCaul.

Despite Taiwan’s adamant declaration of independence, the CCP has refused to recognize its status as a separate nation. McCaul noted how if China were to invade Taiwan, they could seize resources valuable to the world.

The chairman stated, “It’s no secret that China wants to invade Taiwan. The CCP views Taiwan as part of China and is threatened by its democratic governance. Furthermore, the CCP recognizes that Taiwan manufactures 90% of the world's semiconductor chips.”

McCaul stressed the effects of China’s invasion of Taiwan.

“If this manufacturing stronghold were to be seized by China, it could pose devastating threats to America's economy and military readiness given that these chips power everything from our cell phones and laptops to our fighter jets and weapon systems.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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