Texas Reps Gutierrez and Castro Express Support for New Gun Laws

Texas Reps Gutierrez and Castro Express Support for New Gun Laws

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 20, 2023

Texas Representatives Roland Gutierrez (D) and Joaquin Castro (D) recently expressed their support for new laws raising the age to own a gun.

The bill, also known as House Bill 2744, would raise the age to buy a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21.

In a tweet, Sen. Gutierrez addressed the Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) saying, “FYI @DanPatrick, this is what real leadership looks like.”

The congressman continued his statement thanking all of his fellow lawmakers who helped the hearing happen.

“Thank you Speaker @DadePhelan and Chairman @RyanGuillen for allowing this hearing to happen. BUT most of all thank you Rep. Tracy King. Thank you for giving these families the opportunity to tell their stories during their testimonies on #HB2744." 

The San Antonio-native concluded his statements with a hashtag stating his feelings on the lack of preventive gun legislation.

"#EnoughIsEnough," tweeted Gutierrez.

Rep. Castro responded to Gutierrez’s tweet, making sure to voice his frustration with the long length of time the families of the slain children in the Uvalde massacre had to wait in order to speak.

“The families of children killed in #Uvalde and #SantaFe had to wait 12+ hours to speak on a common-sense gun bill,” said Rep. Castro.

In a similar fashion, Castro also tweeted at the Lieutenant Governor, asking for answers.

“How many kids need to die before our state leaders will do the right thing? @DanPatrick and @GovAbbott don’t have a tenth of the courage these families have shown.”

Recently, Gutierrez addressed the many politicians holding up the passing of stricter gun legislation in the country.

Taking aim at Republican lawmakers, he stated, “Their U.S. Senators promote gridlock in Washington, D.C., rather than break through it.”

The Texas Congressman addressed the Governor specifically, saying, “And the Governor, sworn to protect the people of this state, spends his time covering it all up.”

“The majority of Texans support common-sense gun safety laws. It’s time for politicians to find the human decency and political courage to do something about gun violence,” said Gutierrez.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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