Gonzales Wins Primary Against Gun Rights Activist Herrera

Gonzales Wins Primary Against Gun Rights Activist Herrera

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
May 30, 2024

Texas Representative Tony Gonzales (R) won his primary battle against challenger Brandon Herrera. In the close election, Rep. Gonzales, considered by some to be a moderate Republican, was able to overcome his more controversial opponent who is an ardent gun rights activist.

Rep. Gonzales has pushed for safer gun laws after the tragic shooting that took place in Uvalde, TX. In the shooting, a gunman killed 21 people—19 students and two adults. The violent attack prompted many in the nation to call for much stricter gun legislation that would help take guns out of the hands of violent people.

Though Gonzales has been heavily critical of the Biden administration, he has been known to break away from the Republican party on several occasions.

Last year, the representative was censured by the Republican Party of Texas for signing a bipartisan gun violence bill.

With that said, the use of censure is a rare move. However, despite its rarity, the move still proved to be popular with the party voting 57-5 in favor of censuring the Texas congressman.

It’s worth noting that Herrera had no political experience and was a gun manufacturer. By contrast, Rep. Gonzales had the support of various members of Congress including controversial figures like Greg Abbott (R) and Speaker Mike Johnson (R) who attended a fundraiser for the Texas politician.

The Texas elections have been close, as several incumbent lawmakers have new challengers.

Texas Republicans recently found their challenger, Jay Furman, to compete, in a runoff, for Texas Representative Henry Cuellar’s (D) congressional seat. Furman is a navy veteran and will battle Rep. Cuellar in Texas' 28th Congressional District.

The Texas representative is liked by some Republicans for some of his views that align with theirs. For example, he is strict on measures surrounding abortion and immigration—often expressing his desire for stronger border legislation.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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