Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt Attacks Hunter Biden

Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt Attacks Hunter Biden

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
May 20, 2023

Texas Representative Wesley Hunt (R) attacked Hunter Biden during the House Republicans’ recent press briefing.

In a tweet, Rep. Hunt shared his thoughts on the law.

“We either have equal justice under the law or we don’t,” said Rep. Hunt.

“Weaponizing a 4th branch of government against conservatives is unacceptable and I won’t stand by while it happens.”

“Under this administration, conservatives are being targeted,” said the Texas representative.

Rep. Hunt took issue with the way the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has conducted its operations.

“The ATF has targeted lawful gun owners by crafting a rule that will make 40 million Americans felons overnight.”

The Texas congressman referenced a variety of actions that he believed were improperly enforced.

“The FBI conducted an unprecedented raid at [former] President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. They used Pfizer research warrants against conservatives. They’ve attempted to put moles in churches to spy on radical Christians.”

Hunt made claims of election interference from the Biden campaign.

“Just this last week this committee published this report that former intelligence officials colluded with the Biden campaign to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop. This happened just days before the 2020 election. That sounds like election interference to me.”

“They call this Russian disinformation…this looks like Hunter Biden committing a felony. The day after this was released there was no mention of this in mainstream publications. What did they talk about? George Santos,” continued Hunt.

Rep. Hunt made references to rap as he pointed to Hunter Biden’s gun application, which he found suspicious.

“Hunter Biden lied on this application about his history of legal drug use. He obtained a gun anyway and was never prosecuted.”

The Texan lawmaker pointed out what he viewed as hypocrisy from the Democrats.

“If we saw this behavior from Donald Trump Jr. he would’ve been in handcuffs a long time ago,” said Hunt.

Hunt concluded his statements by emphasizing his disagreement with the ATF’s actions as well as Hunter Biden’s.

“The ATF is focused on making 40 million law-abiding citizens felons and they should be worried about Hunter Biden lying on a gun application.”

Recently, Texas Representative Pete Sessions (R) questioned Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Michael Barr on what he perceived to be a lack of responsibility from the Federal Reserve.

“The highest level of financial integrity comes from the Fed and the Treasury Secretary. At some point, somebody’s gotta accept responsibility that they were misled at the top of your organization,” said Rep. Sessions.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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