Jackson Lee Calls Iran a ‘Terrorist Nation’

Jackson Lee Calls Iran a ‘Terrorist Nation’

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 19, 2024

After Iran launched drone strikes against Israel, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) released multiple statements condemning Iran as a terrorist nation.

“Iran is a terrorist nation. They have just launched a disproportionate terrorist attack against our ally Israel. The free world and the United States will stand against this terrorist nation and the tyranny that it promotes,” said Rep. Jackson Lee.

The Texas congresswoman called for Congress to approve more action to help Israel fight against Iran.

“The United States will stand for peace, security, and democracy. We will be standing with Israel and watching Iran over the next couple of minutes, hours and days. We must pass Biden’s supplemental appropriation funding now that covers Israel, Ukraine, and Gaza among others,” said Jackson Lee.

The Iranian attacks were mostly intercepted by Israel and the U.S. However, many lawmakers around the globe have stated that the attacks were dangerous and wrongfully came during calls for ceasefire and peace.

The Texas representative continued, “We will not stand by and let Iran terrorize the world with the same drones they are giving Russia to terrorize and kill Ukrainians! Enough is enough!”

Jackson Lee’s statements were released not long before news came out that Israel had launched retaliatory strikes against Iran. Iran and Iranian-backed groups have taken credit for multiple attacks against Israel.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R) recently announced his plan to introduce multiple separate bills to pass foreign aid for countries like Israel and Ukraine, as well as funding for the border. Rep. Johnson’s decision has drawn major pushback from some of his Republican colleagues. That said, the congressman has stated that he will continue to move forward with the plan.

Some have noted that Johnson will have work with Democrats to pass the bill. However, the speaker will also have to sway over some Republicans, which could make the bill's process go smoother.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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