Rep. Jackson Lee Visits Eagle Pass to Call for 'Humane' Border Laws

Rep. Jackson Lee Visits Eagle Pass to Call for 'Humane' Border Laws

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
August 12, 2023

Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) visited the border at Eagle Pass to call for “humane” laws in regard to the migrants.

Standing in front of a torn metal gate, Rep. Jackson Lee addressed viewers before she began her speech.

“You might be able to see where I am and as well, you might know what I’m getting ready to speak about because it does impact all of us, our cities, our counties, our states. That is what we’re doing here.”

The Texas representative pointed out the torn clothes left by migrants whose clothes were caught by the gate trying to cross the border.

“You can see clothing where people are losing their lives because we need more humane treatment dealing with immigration and dealing with people.”

The congresswoman continued to push for legislative change to help stop the controversial tactics used at the border.

“That’s why I’m here at Eagle Pass to make sure that we are more humane with the laws that are working in the right order. Federal government addresses this question and fixes it, not an interference by a system that does not work, which is the state system of involvement. We must fix this together.”

Recently, Texas Representative Veronica Escobar (D) expressed her disapproval of the “horrific” separation of children from their fathers at the border.

In a statement, Rep. Escobar shared her thoughts on the issue.

“This news is horrific. @GregAbbott_TX is separating children from their fathers at the border. This is the same cruelty and trauma inflicted by Donald Trump when he, too, separated families.”

According to the State Department of Public Safety, Texas state police officers have been separating Mexican migrants from their fathers at the border. Some were told they’d reunite with their children but were taken to prison. However, some fathers were explicitly told they’d never see their families again.

“The full force of the federal government needs to come down on Greg Abbott and prevent his continued cruelty. And when Republicans make excuses for, defend, or champion Abbott, they are linking themselves to inhumane family separation,” continued Rep. Escobar.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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