Crenshaw Calls on House Speaker to Secure Border

Crenshaw Calls on House Speaker to Secure Border

“If we beat Russia and secure our border, America wins.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 25, 2023

Republicans have elected Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson (R) as their nominee for House Speaker. However, several nominees have come before him, and the road to House Speaker is a difficult one. In a press conference, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) announced that the next House Speaker must help secure the border to receive support.

Crenshaw led the press conference to provide an outline of what the incoming House Speaker needs to address in Congress.

Sharing a video of his speech, Crenshaw captioned the video with “the next Speaker of the House must stand by a simple line in the sand: no Ukraine aid without also securing our border with meaningful policy reform.”

Citing that “if we beat Russia and secure our border, America wins,” Crenshaw went on to address that “Republicans must understand that this is the only way we will get meaningful border security.”

President Joe Biden (D) has tied both aid for Ukraine and border funding, which has drawn criticism from Republicans. However, Crenshaw comments that Biden linking both shows that he acknowledges that border security is a growing threat.

Counting himself among members of Congress that support aid to Ukraine, aid to Israel, and border funding, Crenshaw said that Congress “must see the defeat of Russia, we must see the defeat of Hamas, but we can’t move an inch on additional funding until we have passed meaningful border security for our own southern border and received critical answers to questions on Ukraine from the White House.”

Calling this effort the “grand bargain,” Crenshaw warned that the state of Texas is being invaded and that lawmakers have a duty to address the issue of illegal immigration in both the state and the country.

The issue has pitted Republicans and Democrats against each, but Rep. Johnson argues that the Republican conference is united behind him.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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