Roy Says Senate Border Bill 'Unacceptable,' adds That it's D.O.A.

Roy Says Senate Border Bill 'Unacceptable,' adds That it's D.O.A.

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 6, 2024

Texas Representative Chip Roy (R) spoke to Texas Politics about the new bipartisan Senate bill that addresses the border, as well as funding for Israel and Ukraine.

“The Senate bill? No. I mean, I can’t imagine a universe which the Senate bill gets even a split second consideration over here. It’s D.O.A.,” said Rep. Nehls. “I mean, first of all its in the context of Ukraine funding of $60 billion which half our conference is adamantly opposed to. So, if you’re going to move something like that, it’s going to be one of those uniparty creatures and this border bill can’t move that way. So, it’s D.O.A.,” said Rep. Roy.

Rep. Roy added that President Joe Biden (D) had the power to close the border but would not do so.

“He’s caused the open border, so he’s not going to do the executive action necessary to fix the border that he’s caused. Like, he could fix it tomorrow. He could exercise 212 after tomorrow, shut them all down. He won’t do that. He could, tomorrow, go work in Mexico to reinstate my protection calls for ‘Remain in Mexico’. He won’t do that. He could, tomorrow, tell the Secretary of Homeland Security ‘You’ve got to be much more strict in your implication of the very specific exceptions put in place for asylum and parole’ and he could actually end the blanket use of parole on a non case-by-case basis. That would end the crisis. He could do that tomorrow with the stroke of a pen and a phone call, and he refuses.”

The Texas congressman stated that he found all of the border policies listed in the package unacceptable while critiquing the Democrats’ enforcement of laws when it comes to migrants.

Roy stated, “I was asked…’What in the bill do you like?’ and the answer is ‘I really can’t think of anything.’ The whole structure is upside down. It assumes the mass migration plans of the Democrats. It assumes that you must say that anyone who comes must get processed in some form or fashion. And they say, ‘Oh, don’t worry, we’re going to detain. Oh, but not really. If we can’t contain, we’re gonna do alternatives to detention.’ What that really means [is] that you’re going to keep releasing. ‘Oh, with ankle monitors.’ They take them off. We all know the game—anybody paying attention to it. So you say, ‘Well don’t worry, we’ll have an automatic trigger at 5,000.’ Well first of all, that doesn’t include UACs, it’s not clear that it includes ports of entry, I’m still trying to figure that part out, but in any event they’re still going to be paroling people through the ports of entry using the CPP one app.”

“So, everybody gets the joke. You can’t even get the words out of your mouth before the joke becomes laughable. $1.4 billion to NGOs to keep processing people against our laws—that’s where we are,” concluded Roy.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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