Jackson Calls Biden's Upcoming State of the Union 'Propaganda'

Jackson Calls Biden's Upcoming State of the Union 'Propaganda'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
March 7, 2024

Texas Representative Ronny Jackson (R) gave an exclusive interview with Texas Politics where he questioned President Joe Biden’s (D) mental health and gave his thoughts on his upcoming State of the Union address.

“Probably 15 minutes of propaganda...propaganda about what a great job he’s done,” said Rep. Jackson speculating on the length of Biden’s speech.

The Texas politician elaborated, “Probably not more than 15 minutes because I think they’re going to try to yank him as soon as they can to keep him from saying something foolish, which will still be a challenge in 15 minutes.”

Jackson is no stranger to attacking politicians because of their age. In an previous interview, he questioned the health of several Democratic politicians. It’s worth noting that GOP congressman Mitch McConnell (R) has stated that he will step down and not seek reelection at the end of his term. Many believe this is because of his age and recent public slip-ups that have concerned many Americans.

Jackson gave his hypothesis on if Biden would discuss the border and stated that he did not believe that the president would address the issue, as he believed that it would be bad for him.

“Uh no. I do not think he’ll address the border issue. Yeah, it’s definitely a losing issue,” said Jackson.

Jackson has attacked Biden in the past for his border policies. The Texas politician previously accused Biden of working with Mexican cartels. Furthermore, the Texas lawmaker believes that former President Donald Trump (R) will make the border more secure and safe than it had been previously.

Jackson alleged that Pres. Biden desired a border that is somehow both “wide open” and “erased”.

The GOP congressman gave updates on border legislation in the House that has not been pushed forward.

“Right now, I’m hearing that the legislative stuff is not moving. I mean nothing’s going on. It’s not being attached to anything, right now, which is frustrating a lot of members who are like look if we’re voting on these appropriations bills and stuff, why aren’t we putting border stuff in here? Ya know? There’s a lot of frustration right now on the Republican side,” said Jackson.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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