Van Duyne Rips IRS for Going After Middle Class

Van Duyne Rips IRS for Going After Middle Class

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 1, 2024

In an interview with Axios, Texas Representative Beth Van Duyne (R) ripped the IRS for going after the middle class.

“The IRS has plenty of staff and is choosing to deploy them against middle class families and Venmo users, rather than focusing employees on processing claims for small business owners. Instead of asking for more money, the IRS should refocus employees to better serve the American people,” said Rep. Van Duyne.

The Texas congresswoman pushed back on claims that the IRS was low on staff. Furthermore, Van Duyne stated that the organization could use the money better.

“No, I think they have a lot of staff. I think they needed to direct it in the right ways. In adding policies, which again, the IRS has had to say we’re not doing it yet but trying to track people who are spending more than $600 a year. Is that really where we needed their focus? Was that really going to be helpful? Is that helping those businesses that are having to shut down, waiting for a check from the government, is that helping on the Social Security aspect?” said the Texas representative.

“[T]hey need to redirect those employees’ time in what’s best serve the American people,” said Van Duyne speaking of the IRS’s use of funds. “And we have not seen that being done. What we’ve seen though, is to ask for more money, wanting to hire more people. And it seems like it’s to harass the middle class. It’s not actually to help the people who need it the most.”

Van Duyne has been busy pressing several governmental organizations. The congresswoman recently recapped the details of her recent letter calling out the Small Business Administration (SBA) policies on its members working from home.

“This week, I led a letter with my colleagues to end the Small Business Administration's work from home policies. While small business owners wake up and go to work every day, SBA employees are allowed to stay home while their building sits empty, wasting taxpayer dollars. This administration must get federal employees back in the office to work for the American people,” said Rep. Van Duyne.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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