Senate Republicans Speak on Mayorkas Impeachment

Senate Republicans Speak on Mayorkas Impeachment

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 16, 2024

Senate Republicans held a press conference this afternoon on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' impeachment trial. The House delivered the impeachment articles to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), and the trial proceedings are underway.

The Biden administration has struggled in the polls, and one of the issues the administration has struggled with is illegal immigration at the border. Republicans have directed criticism at both President Joe Biden (D) and Secretary Mayorkas, accusing them of mishandling the situation.

The effort has now led to articles of impeachment being delivered against the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer is expected to move to table the impeachment articles, and this angers Republicans as they argue Secretary Mayorkas should defend himself against the claims.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) informed that "only 22 times in our nation's history has the House of Representatives presented and delivered articles of impeachment to the Senate. Only twice in our nation's history has a cabinet member been impeached by the House."

With Secretary Mayorkas facing an impeachment, Senator Cruz expressed that "the stakes of this impeachment are not some technical violation of the law but rather an enormous and growing threat to the lives and safety of millions of Americans."

From the influx of illegal immigration to murders committed by illegal immigrants, Senator Cruz accused Secretary Mayorkas of having been "actively aiding and abetting the criminal invasion of this country by criminal drug cartels and illegal aliens."

Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) also spoke at the press conference, questioning why Senator Schumer would move to table the impeachment.

"I don't know why Biden and Mayorkas and the Democrats are doing what they're doing... Biden, Mayorkas, and the Democrats have said they don't care," Senator Scott said.

"Now, we have an opportunity tomorrow to hear the evidence. That's all it is. If I was Mayorkas, think about what he's got. He's been impeached. He has the opportunity now to say he didn't do anything wrong. He must not want that opportunity because he can't defend himself."

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina was the Opinion Editor of his high school’s newspaper, and he was also Editor-in-Chief of Miami Dade College’s Urbana literary and arts magazine wherein he also won the 2013 FCSAA Best Fiction Story in the State of Florida Award. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in English Literature. Hobbies in his free time include reading, writing and watching films and basketball.

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