Van Duyne Re-Introduces Legislation to ‘Cut Down’ on Financial Burden of Pregnant Mothers

Van Duyne Re-Introduces Legislation to ‘Cut Down’ on Financial Burden of Pregnant Mothers

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
May 22, 2024

Texas Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (R) reintroduced legislation aiming to support pregnant mothers who decide to allow their children to be adopted and do not choose abortion.

“Pregnancy is no small feat and the courageousness of unexpected mothers considering adoption needs to be acknowledged. Many women feel as if abortion is their only option due to the high costs associated with carrying a pregnancy to term. By increasing health insurance access for women considering adoption, we can cut down on fears of financial burden while providing the critical support needed throughout pregnancy journeys,” said Congresswoman Van Duyne.

Rep. Van Duyne explained the rationale of her legislation stating, “This life saving legislation not only makes it easier for mothers to choose adoption over abortion, it will also give countless newborns the right to life. While some of my colleagues claim ‘abortion is health care,’ I encourage them to give courageous women the REAL health care they deserve.”

The Caring for Mothers Act is supported by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, and their Vice President of Government Affairs, Marilyn Musgrave, gave a brief statement on the bill.

“The pro-life movement has always been committed to serving both mother and child throughout all nine months of pregnancy and beyond - this includes birth moms, babies, and families who are adopting,” said Hon. Musgrave. 

The vice president continued, “The Caring for Mothers Act is a thoughtful approach to ensuring that birth mothers and their children have access to medical care. Thank you, Congresswoman Van Duyne, for your commitment to supporting moms and babies across America.”

The representative has had a lot to say about recent issues. Van Duyne bashed the pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University for the violence and anti-Semitism that was reported across the campus.

“The violent and clearly antisemitic behavior at @Columbia is disgusting and undoubtedly puts Jewish students in danger. The university’s refusal to condemn these savage, pro-terror riots is only adding fuel to the fire. We must hold the tax exempt universities who foster poisonous ideologies accountable,” said Rep. Van Duyne.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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