Nehls: Biden is

Nehls: Biden is "Aiding and Abetting" Human Traffickers and Drug Cartels

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
March 23, 2021

 Former sheriff and current freshman Congressman Troy Nehls (R) appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing “Biden Border Crisis” that stems from President Joe Biden’s 2019 open travel invitation to immigrants. Rep. Nehls called President Biden’s immigration invitation illegal and has accused him of “aiding and abetting” the drug cartel-supported human traffickers and committing a crime by "inviting people to come to our southern border" and welcoming them in "with very little verification."

“He is committing, in my opinion, aiding and abetting, he's complicit in the trafficking of persons,  and he hasn't chosen to reverse course,” said Nehls. “I'm sure he has heard the horror stories from the border,  he has heard from Border Patrol and others that are down here talking about this crisis.

Nehls also said that Biden was “in denial” and was “refusing” to call the immigration problem along the border a crisis, adding that the president has not “put the American people first” and wouldn’t do so.

Republicans are not alone in condemning Biden’s refusal to call the problem a crisis.

The mayor of Del Rio, Texas, Bruno Lozano, also appeared on Fox News where he stated,” this is a Biden border crisis.”

“Our president does not put the American people first. He hasn't and he won't,” said Nehls.

When asked about how the drug cartels and criminal drug gangs were using immigrants, Nehls echoed what has been widely known, that immigrants were “beholden now to the human traffickers,” adding that once these immigrants make past the border, they will have to pay a very high price to the smugglers.

“These migrants are beholden now to the human traffickers and once they get in, once these migrants are released to our state and states across our country, they are going to be beholden to them, they're going to have to pay their fair share,” said Nehls.

“He is committing, in my opinion, aiding and abetting, he's complicit in the trafficking of persons." Rep Nehls.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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