Senator Cornyn: Biden Rolling Out 'The Welcome Mat' for Migrants

Senator Cornyn: Biden Rolling Out 'The Welcome Mat' for Migrants

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 1, 2023

Taking aim at President Joe Biden’s (D) handling of the border crisis, Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) detailed his grievances with the Biden Administration’s recently implemented border policy. Sen. Cormyn stated, “This new policy lets the administration roll out the welcome mat for tens of thousands of migrants while making it seem like the numbers have actually gone down, which they have not.” 

“Under the administration’s new plan, there is an option for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans that will allow them to stay in the United States for two years and receive work authorization. What more of a magnet do you need for people to come to the United States than to give them a work permit and to say that you can stay here legally for two years while you await your court proceeding?” said Cornyn.

Cornyn’s statements are a direct response to the Biden Administration’s recent “Fact Sheet” in which they laid out their plans for expanding the “Parole process for Venezuelans to Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans.” Under these new guidelines, “Up to 30,000 individuals per month from these four countries, who have an eligible sponsor and pass vetting and background checks, can come to the United States for a period of two years and receive work authorization.” Furthermore, “Individuals who irregularly cross the Panama, Mexico, or U.S. border after the date of this announcement will be ineligible for the parole process and will be subject to expulsion to Mexico, which will accept returns of 30,000 individuals per month from these four countries who fail to use these new pathways.”

The Texas Senator is one of the latest to criticize the Biden Administration’s stance on illegal immigration. Governor Greg Abbott (R) recently employed new "hi-tech assets" to combat the illegal immigration taking place at the border. However, despite the criticism of the President’s initiatives, Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (D) recently took to the podium to defend Biden.

He stated, "We've also seen a significant drop in the number of Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicuaraguans and Haitians arriving irregularly in between our ports of entry at the Southern border — nearly a 90% drop in those populations. This is the model that we have built and we will continue to build.”

Cormyn admitted the difficulty in legislating the situation, but still lamented the current Administration’s approach to fixing it. He stated, “The President hasn’t solved the problem. He's just swept it under the rug, and he's arguably made it worse. This crisis is complex, but the solution isn't. The administration needs to engage with Congress and enforce our immigration laws that are on the books.”

Biden’s attempts to reduce illegal immigration have been attacked by both Democrats and Republicans. Time will tell if his newly-implemented legislation is truly successful or fraudulent.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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