Biden and McConnell Criticize Republicans’ Desire to 'Defund Border Patrol'

Biden and McConnell Criticize Republicans’ Desire to 'Defund Border Patrol'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
September 28, 2023

President Joe Biden (D) took to his social media account to share with the American public that he agreed with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R) criticisms of Republicans’ desire to “defund border patrol.” 

In a tweet, Pres. Biden expressed his concern over the attack on the border.

“You know, I agree with Mitch here. Why the House Republicans would want to defund Border Patrol is beyond me,” said Pres. Biden.

In the accompanying tweet that included a video, Sen. McConnell emphasized the dire need for Congress to come to an agreement on a deal that would ensure funding, at least for the short term.

“These important discussions can not progress if Congress simply fails to complete our work on the standard short-term funding, and the basic functions of government and being taken hostage.”

He continued his statements by highlighting how the shutdown would affect government workers, border patrol agents and their salaries. 

“Mr. President, a vote against a short-term voting measure is a vote against paying over a billion dollars in salary for border patrol and ICE agents working to track down lethal fentanyl and tame our open borders.”

The government shutdown could affect many government industries and agencies and could be a disaster for many citizens. Furthermore, it could destroy republicans politically.

“Letting FEMA’s disaster relief funds dry up is not a productive way to advocate for victims of disasters. Letting small businesses’ loan applications collect dust is not a productive way to let working Americans contend with Washington democrats' stark inflation. Shutting down the government isn’t an effective way to make a point.”

Recently, Texas Representative Greg Casar (D) encouraged voters to inform their families about the actions taking place in the House regarding the vote on the contested bill and the government shutdown.

“We can’t continue hearing from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene that she, quote-unquote, doesn’t want to shut government services down when that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

The Texas lawmaker continued his statements, categorizing a faction of Republican House members who refer to themselves by the name “Freedom Caucus” as being “right-wing extremists”.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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