Rep. Jackson Lee Nominates Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker of the House

Rep. Jackson Lee Nominates Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker of the House

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
October 12, 2023

As House Republicans go back and forth over who to elect as speaker of the House, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) is nominating Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D).

In a tweet, Rep. Jackson Lee made her thoughts clear about who she thought should become speaker of the House.

“Do the math: work with Leader Jeffries and the Democrats on a bipartisan leadership path.”

Rep. Jackson Lee highlighted Rep. Jeffries’s more popular aspects of his political style, his bipartisanship. 

“I will continue to work for this bipartisan leadership solution to pick a Speaker of the House to move Houston’s and America’s agenda forward!”

Rep. Jeffries is the House Minority Speaker and has received favorable reviews from his fellow democratic colleagues. His time in the position has been brief, as he was elected in early 2022 as former speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D) replacement.

Jeffries would hold the position of House Democratic Leader and would hand former speaker of the House Rep. McCarthy the gavel after he was elected into the position.

The house minority leader is no stranger to receiving votes for speakership. In 2023, when former speaker of the House Rep. McCarthy struggled to gain the necessary votes to win the election, Jeffries received 212 votes on nearly every ballot.

In other news, after the terrorist organization Hamas’ surprise attack against Israel, the country has responded with drastic measures in order to secure the country and retake the Gaza Strip. Below is a look at the Israel-Hamas War.

In the initial attack, Hamas took several Israeli citizens hostage and killed many of the captives. Along with the deaths of the Israeli citizens, the group of terrorists is responsible for the deaths of nine American citizens, as well.

Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant stated that the country would cut off the electricity, food, water and fuel of the Gaza region. Gallant has stated that the region will be under “complete siege”.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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