Van Duyne ‘Fully Supports’ Abbott Border Tactics

Van Duyne ‘Fully Supports’ Abbott Border Tactics

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
January 28, 2024

Texas Representative Beth Van Duyne (R) recently expressed her support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) border tactics. The governor has been ripped for his defiance of the Biden administration’s requests for him to change his policies.

“I fully support Governor Greg Abbott in his efforts against the Biden Border invasion. We have an obligation to use all powers vested in our constitution to safeguard the people of Texas and America against the drug and human traffickers, who are using this manufactured border crisis to import criminal activity into our country,” tweeted Rep. Van Duyne.

Recently, Gov. Abbott shared his plans to put more razor wire at the U.S.-Mexico border. Later, he stated that he was fully committed to using Texas forces to withstand President Joe Biden’s (D) orders to stop his harmful tactics. Several lawmakers have trashed Abbott’s antics and have called for others to stand against him.

“I am disgusted to learn that a mother and her two children have needlessly died because of @GovAbbott’s operation lone star. Make no mistake Governor Abbott is responsible for these deaths,“ tweeted Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D).

“The murderous reign of Abbott and Operation Lone Star must come to an end. I am horrified and disgusted at the tragedy that took place last night in the waters of the Rio Grande near Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. I am livid and I want justice for this family.”

The congresswoman continued, “Federal officers from the United States Border Patrol were physically prevented from saving this family by Texas law enforcement officials acting under the direct orders of Abbott. They were barred from accessing a boat ramp needed to enter the river, and it appears no earnest attempt was made by state officials to prevent the loss of human life.”

“Make no mistake, a mother and her babies drowned because of an evil man with a lust for blood, Greg Abbott. Their deaths were directly caused by his latest political stunt to maim and murder human beings, obstruct federal officials, and create a crisis for camera.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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