Garcia Blasts 'Do Nothing' Congress Over Immigration

Garcia Blasts 'Do Nothing' Congress Over Immigration

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 13, 2024

Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) recently criticized GOP Congress members for allegedly not trying to fix the immigration system.

“Yesterday morning I was on @MSNBC with @CFColemanJr to talk about the border. Republicans in the do nothing Congress don’t actually want a solution to our immigration system. House Republicans are putting scare tactics over solutions,” tweeted Rep. Garcia.

“I’m obviously not in the Senate, I’m in the Congress. But it seems like the Senators are acting much like our rogues in Congress, our do-nothing Congress. They keep changing their mind. They keep [Donald Trump]. And every day it’s a different scenario,” said Garcia.

“But I think it’s just simply horrific that they went through that whole process and then just, frankly, threw the negotiators under the bus only because the twice-impeached, four-times indicted, former president asked them to. And that’s a real tragedy here,” the Texas representative.

Garcia claimed that she would not have signed the Senate bill and reiterated her claim that the GOP does not want to solve issues but instead uses them for political gain.

“Well, the Senate bill, as was drafted, I would not have supported. I was born and raised in South Texas, about an hour away from the border. I can tell you that there is no signs of invasion. This is just another fabricated lie on the part of those people who want something to run on,” said the Texas lawmaker.

Garcia continued, “You have to remember, that everything that they’re looking at is not really about solutions. It’s about finding the scare tactic, finding the soundbite, finding the issue that they can run on in their elections, and that’s why we had this turnaround. They’d rather just run on the problem rather than solving the problem.”

The Texas representative has been trying to pass her own legislation, the Dream and Promise Act.

“I grew up 22 miles from the border. I understand the need for security, but the 3 bills that were introduced today do nothing to reform our immigration system. I spoke on the house floor today about my Dream and Promise Act, we must pass generational change that Americans want,” tweeted Rep. Garcia.

“Mr. Chairman, I rise today to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question to support the Dream and Promise Act. If extreme MAGA Republicans want a real solution for our broken immigration system, the type of bill that the president said he wants to sign, then they should sign up and support my Dream and Promise Act,” said Garcia before addressing the floor.

“With my bill, the American Dream and Promise Act, we can create that generational change. Americans support Dreamers, and Dreamers support America. I am opposed to these bills, and I urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question,” said the representative.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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