Jackson Lee Says Biden Should ‘Go All In’ on Border Rhetoric

Jackson Lee Says Biden Should ‘Go All In’ on Border Rhetoric

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
March 8, 2024

Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) spoke with Texas Politics about President Joe Biden’s (D) State of the Union Address, as well as how Congress has handled border policies.

“I think the president needs to go all in,” said Rep. Jackson Lee. “We’re going forward and not backward. And that includes changing this country’s attitude and the laws about immigration. I hope he does mention the word. It’s not a dirty word. It’s not an ugly word. This nation was built on immigrants and laws, we understand that. And the president put forward a law that was funded to be able to assist in the border.”

“I’m from Texas, those dollars would have been vital. The Republicans blocked it. There was a bipartisan bill with a very conservative Republican senator that was coming over to the House. It was blocked. That’s an outrage. It shows that our Republican friends are looking for problems, they’re not looking for solutions,” continued the Texas politician.

Jackson Lee stated that Biden would work to help families with mixed statuses of citizenship. Moreover, the congresswoman claimed that by doing this, Biden could help fix the economy.

“The president will win by telling the American people ‘I’m a leader, I know how to fix problems, it will be fixed and your relatives that are living with a mixed-status family—citizen mom, unstatus child, citizen child, unstatus mom or dad—we’re going to fix that so these people can get to work and help build our economy,’” said Jackson Lee.

The Texas representative was highly critical of the way the GOP has handled border security legislation.

Jackson Lee stated, “What I want to have happen is that the Congress needs to do its job. Republicans are always punting because they don’t have the courage to collectively work together to get the job done. Now, the president has executive power authority.”

“I’m going to wait to see what is the best use of that it can effectively help the actual people that need the help and then help, of course, moving the country forward as Democrats,” said the congresswoman.

Jackson Lee stated that she would not let the Republican-led House “off the hook”.

“The Senate is ready to do something—blocked by Republicans. The House is ready to do something—blocked by Republicans. Let’s find solutions for humanity for the American people,” concluded Jackson Lee.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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