Van Duyne Introduces Bill to 'Impose Penalties' on Schools Taking Advantage of Students

Van Duyne Introduces Bill to 'Impose Penalties' on Schools Taking Advantage of Students

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 6, 2024

Texas Representative Beth Van Duyne (R) recently introduced H.R. 7831, the Preventing Financial Exploitation in Higher Education Act, to stop universities from taking advantage of students financially.

According to the statement, “the bill would impose financial penalties on universities with multi-billion dollar endowments who have high percentages of students defaulting on Federal student loans.”

The Preventing Financial Exploitation in Higher Education Act would place penalties on universities that raise tuition for low and middle-class students.

“The promise of a college education has always been to help students gain valuable knowledge and experience that would allow them to secure a higher-paying career trajectory.  Yet, with less than 50% of college graduates actually earning employment in their field of study, it’s clear that universities are failing their students and offering far too many worthless degrees whose main purpose is to gouge students with ever higher tuition costs,” said Congresswoman Duyne.

Rep. Van Duyne stressed the importance of the bill and how several students are affected by student loans.

“H.R. 7831 is a necessary bill to impose consequences on wealthy universities who are failing to serve the very students most disproportionately impacted by student debt. With college tuition far outpacing core inflation for decades, it is apparent we need to compel universities to alter this unsustainable direction,“ said the Texas lawmaker.

“To help change the conduct and culture at these institutions, it’s time for these universities to put their own skin in the game and assume some financial responsibility for student debt burden and loan delinquencies,” concluded Van Duyne.

Van Duyne has been busy trying to address corruption. Recently, the congresswoman ripped the IRS for going after the middle class.

“The IRS has plenty of staff and is choosing to deploy them against middle class families and Venmo users, rather than focusing employees on processing claims for small business owners. Instead of asking for more money, the IRS should refocus employees to better serve the American people,” said Rep. Van Duyne.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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