Jackson Says a Biden Cognitive Test Would End in a 'Miserable Failure'

Jackson Says a Biden Cognitive Test Would End in a 'Miserable Failure'

Jackson Bakich
Jackson Bakich
July 7, 2024

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” hosted by former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to discuss the mental sharpness of President Joe Biden (D) following his interview with George Stephanopoulos.

The interview with President Biden – which claimed to be unedited in its entirety – showcased the Commander-in-Chief failing to commit to a cognitive test despite numerous calls from both sides of the aisle for him to do so.

Rep. Jackson stated the President would not take the test because it would be a “miserable failure” for him.

“He won’t take it because obviously it's going to be a miserable failure. He would do absolutely horrible to test to that nature. And he knows it. His team knows it. They've been avoiding it for a long time. We watch him every day,” said Rep. Jackson. “I think most people in this country have known for a long time that he's cognitively impaired and that he has no business whatsoever being our Commander-in-Chief and being in charge. But this recent debate was on such a grand scale. The one thing he did was it took the people that have protected him for the longest time, which is the mainstream media and the liberal left, it made it to where they can no longer defend him.”

He continued, “But to your point about this article, this is a huge cover-up at this particular point. And we need to get to the bottom of this. As a member of Congress, when I get back, I'm going to start pushing for us to have some congressional oversight here. We need to have a hearing, we need to get people in. We need to get Dr. Kevin O'Connor in. I'll ask you, Kayleigh, why have not we heard from this man the entire time that he's been President, we have not had this this person who's the President's physician stand up at the podium before the press and answer questions? You know, when I was President Trump's physician, as you remember, I stood up at the podium for well over an hour when I had everybody in their dog coming after me asking me the most ridiculous questions, I answered every single question they had, had objective data there at my side, it was completely transparent.”

Furthermore, Rep. Jackson questioned the lack of journalistic accountability from major mainstream news networks surrounding the President’s health and his mental abilities.

“Where has CNN and the New York Times and The Washington Post and MSNBC and all these other networks? Where have they been? This is a national security issue. I've been saying it since February 2020. I started talking about this and I initially got criticized and called out by President Obama over it, and I've been criticized over and over for saying this and now the whole world is seeing it, and there's just no way around it. So yes, he needs to take a cognitive test. Although some people might make the argument it's too late for that now, we all know he's got a problem. And I don't know if a cognitive test would change anybody's opinion at this particular point,” concluded Jackson.

Ronny Jackson represents Texas’ 13th Congressional District.

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Jackson Bakich

Jackson Bakich

Born in Orlando but raised in Lake County, Florida, Jackson Bakich is currently a senior at Florida State University. Growing up in the sunshine state, Bakich co-hosted the political talk radio show "Lake County Roundtable" (WLBE) and was a frequent guest for "Lake County Sports Show" (WQBQ). Currently, he is the Sports Editor of the FSView and the co-host of "Tomahawk Talk" (WVFS), a sports talk radio program covering Florida State athletics in Tallahassee.

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