Texas Democrats Rally Against 'Extreme MAGA Republicans'

Texas Democrats Rally Against 'Extreme MAGA Republicans'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
March 8, 2023

A group of Texas Democrats recently shared their thoughts on a political group they’ve dubbed “Extreme MAGA Republicans”.

Texas Representative Veronica Escobar (D) stated, “Extreme MAGA Republicans want to put medical providers behind bars for helping women get the reproductive healthcare they need.”

She made sure to assure American voters that the Democratic party will protect healthcare, which has been a popular talking point among Democrats and even made it into President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. 

@HouseDemocrats will continue fighting so that people, not politicians, can have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions,” stated Rep. Escobar.

Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) took umbrage with the Republican's tax legislation.

“House Republicans' new agenda: Give big tax breaks to billionaires, raise taxes on the middle class, and cut benefits for seniors. Their plan is unacceptable!” stated Rep. Jackson Lee.

In a similar fashion, Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) expressed her disapproval of how Americans are being taxed.

“.@HouseGOP is plotting a new 30% national sales tax, increasing the cost of everything you buy by 30%,” stated Rep. Garcia. 

The Texas lawmaker continued, stating, “American families can’t afford this massive tax increase – and @HouseDemocrats are fighting to stop it.”

Garcia’s third tweet on the matter expressed her desire to prioritize people over politics.

“While extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress play political games, @HouseDemocrats will always put #PeopleOverPolitics and work for everyday Americans,” stated the Texas congresswoman.

Many Democrats have recently been expressing their ire with the views and legislation of the Republican party. Furthermore, the recent branding of “Extreme MAGA Republicans” has been a consistently repeated phrase.

The radicalization of politics has been a talking point for both parties. However, bipartisanship has been effective in Texas.

Texas Republicans and Democrats recently came together in a bipartisan effort that aims "to protect personal data and lower the costs of essential hygiene items. Furthermore, the bill includes measures that would protect children from the digital dangers of the internet.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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