Garcia Rips Trump, Abbott and ‘MAGA Republicans’

Garcia Rips Trump, Abbott and ‘MAGA Republicans’

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 8, 2024

Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) tore into Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), Donald Trump and ‘MAGA Republicans’ on issues concerning the border and the treatment of migrants.

“In today's weaponization hearing I heard a lot of falsehoods from my Republican colleagues, but something that isn't a falsehood is that @GovAbbott and Donald Trump turned our immigration system into a horrible weapon against immigrants. It's time to stop this political circus,” tweeted Rep. Garcia.

“Everyone’s words matter. And as Ambassador Eisen has pointed out, what our leaders say in particular really do matter. So when the twice impeached, four times indicted former president talks about being a dictator, I really don’t think that’s a joke. I think he’s for real,” said Garcia.

Trump recently made headlines when he stated that he would be a dictator for one day in a hypothetical scenario in which he is even allowed to run for president. It is worth noting that he is currently facing several trials which can limit his campaigning abilities.

“For four years Trump turned the federal government into a horrifying weapon for his own personal gain to serve his racist goals, punish his enemies and to attack reality. Trump weaponized the federal government in many ways, but most horrifically, he put children in cages and he weaponized ICE and immigration to a point of instituting mass deportations, sending ICE to round up immigrants at schools and hospitals,” said the Texas representative.

Garcia continued, “He traumatized those children for a lifetime, and MAGA Republicans across the country are simply just following suit. They want to please him. They want to see him be happy.”

The Texas lawmaker blasted the Texas governor and claimed that his harsh tactics on addressing the border had political motives that were connected to advancing his career.

“Greg Abbott, our governor in my state of Texas, seemingly seems to be auditioning for Mr. Trump to pick him as vice president or perhaps a member of his Cabinet because Abbott has erected a razor-wire barrier along the Texas-Mexican border as part of his auditioning,” said Garcia.

The Texas native stated, “I don’t know how familiar folks here are with razor wire. I’ve been to Eagle Pass. I’ve seen what they’ve done. They have anchored giant buoys with table saw blades in the river.”

The Texas representative lamented the inhumane tactics used by Abbott that have affected migrants, specifically children, attempting to cross the border.

“When children try to swim across, they get caught. They panic and some may drown. If you look at this poster, you can clearly see a child in agony. You can tell from his face that he’s crying, he’s begging. He’s kneeling in front of a Texas guard put there by Governor Abbott to prevent anyone from coming through, even Border Patrol to do their job,” stated Garcia.

The congresswoman continued, “Cruelty seems to be his game. And I see what Greg Abbott continues to do is undermining what it is to be human. He is doing this to children and that’s how low we’ve come. This is straight out of a dictator’s playbook.”

“Ambassador Eisen, when Greg Abbott and Donald Trump talk about the only thing that they can’t do now is shoot immigrants or some, they say, that they’ve got what they’ve got coming to them. What message is that sending to the public and to the rest of the world?” concluded Garcia.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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