Jackson Lee Disapproves of Jim Jordan’s Hearing on Crime

Jackson Lee Disapproves of Jim Jordan’s Hearing on Crime

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
April 19, 2023

New York Representative Dan Goldman (D) and Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) discussed their disapproval of the House Judiciary Committee’s recent hearing on crime, led by Representative Jim Jordan (R).

Speaking to MSNBC, Rep. Goldman said, “It wasn’t a serious conversation about anything that Congress can deal with. It was about a local prosecutor dealing with state law."

Rep. Goldman made sure to clarify what he thought were Rep. Jordan's true motives.

"Congress, of course, deals with federal law, but the clear intention was to create a political stunt to undermine District Attorney Bragg,” continued Rep. Goldman.

The congressman shared his belief that former President Donald Trump is to blame for the “abuse of power”.

“They’re doing this at the direction and coordination with Donald Trump. They know that is not a basis to have a congressional investigation and it is a gross abuse of power to use the authority of Congress in support of a private citizen’s criminal defense,” stated Rep. Goldman.

Rep. Goldman accused them of trying to change the narrative around the investigation into former Pres. Trump’s alleged crimes.

“They’re now trying to dress up this investigation as some investigation coincidentally about the Manhattan District Attorney’s soft-on-crime policies, the same person who charged Donald Trump.”

The lawmaker concluded his remarks by stating his disappointment with what he sees as the Republican party’s use of racist and stubborn rhetoric in order to avoid passing stronger gun legislation.

“We got nowhere, in large part because we were not talking about the number one problem with public safety in our country, and that’s gun violence."

He continued stating, "Unfortunately, Republicans are unwilling to engage in meaningful policy discussion about gun safety legislation and instead want to attack prosecutors with anti-Semitic tropes and false accusations.”

Rep. Jackson Lee shared her feelings about the effect that the lack of support has on the victims of gun violence.

The Texas lawmaker stated, “That sad part of this is that the victims become the victims again. My heart goes out to all the victims who came with the sense that they were going to get help, some kind of relief.”

“In actuality, the champions of victims’ rights and victim funding are really Democrats,” continued Rep. Jackson Lee

The Texas representative continued, stating, “My committee, the subcommittee on crime, has been the great proponent of the Victims of Crime Act, modifying it, ensuring it was funded, and adding more dollars to it. I provided victims assistant dollars to law enforcement as has other members of the judicatory.”

Lousiana Representative Mike Johnson (R) stated that Republicans wanted to hold the hearing in Manhattan because they'd been asked about "reports of New York City crime on the news".

“So, the actual reasoning that Congressman Johnson gave was not only nonsensical, one could ask what veracity it had. Because what we see in America is: one if they’re victims they want not to be victims, they want us to prevent crime, they want intervention,” stated Jackson Lee in response to Rep. Johnson's claims.

Jackson Lee continued to lament the carnage caused by gun violence in America.

“What we see in America is the head shaking and the tears and the outrage over Nashville, over Louisville, over Alabama, over Uvalde, over Mother Emanuel. This is a pain that I see in my constituents day after day after day.”

Many lawmakers have come under heavy scrutiny for not passing stronger gun laws, and Jackson Lee expressed her frustration with the lack of attention on the subject.

She stated that there are "more mass shootings than days in this year because of guns, because of assault weapons, and we cannot seem to get it any hearing on the question of that.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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