Rep. Jackson Lee Calls for Governor to Pass Safer Communities Act

Rep. Jackson Lee Calls for Governor to Pass Safer Communities Act

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
May 13, 2023

In an impassioned speech before Congress, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) called for Governor Greg Abbott (R) and the state legislature to pass the bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

“The shooter in Allen, Texas only lasted three months in the U.S. military because of his hatred,” tweeted Rep. Jackson Lee.

“It’s time to put politics aside — the Governor and the state legislature must fully opt-in to the bipartisan Safer Communities Act to keep us safer.”

Rep. Jackson Lee began her speech by informing her peers that she was standing in solidarity with the protesters calling for stronger gun legislation.

“I was late today because I could not leave the pain of Texas without standing with those in a press conference in the Mickey Leland Federal Building. There are people who are demanding that there be action,” said Rep. Jackson Lee.

The Texas lawmaker highlighted how the shooter had an unstable history that included him being discharged from the military.

“The individual who killed the people in the mall in Allen, Texas, family members removed him from the house. He only lasted 3 months in the United States military.”

The Texas congresswoman lamented the lack of communication as well as the shooter’s ability to legally obtain an assault weapon despite his history.

“We have to do a better job about communicating about individuals who didn’t even last because of his views and attitude and behavior. He obviously hated viciously, but he was able to get an AR-15,” said Jackson Lee.

There have been a few measures put in place for Texans to help curb the rise in gun violence, yet some of them go unused.

The Texas representative stated, “I stood there today and asked for universal background checks. And I asked the state of Texas why, with the Safer Communities Act, where we had the red flag laws, it was optional. Our state has not taken advantage of it.”

Jackson Lee reminded the legislature that there are several measures that have been suggested by members of Congress to stop gun violence, and she encouraged them to pass them.

“I’m asking the governor to opt-in to the red flag law. Universal background check. The Kimberley Vaughan gun storage. The ban on assault weapons. The raising the age. These are all items that Texas and other states can do without violating the Second Amendment.”

The Texas congresswoman called for action from her peers on gun violence.

“We must come back to this Congress and do something that is going to make a difference.”

On the last day of the 88th Legislative Session, new gun legislation finally passed the Texas House. House Bill 2744, which raises the legal age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, passed after much support from Texas lawmakers and citizens.

The bill has to pass through other measures before it can officially become a law, but it is still a major victory for its supporters.

Furthermore, the bill comes after the recent deadly mass shooting that took place in San Jacinto County.

On April 28, 2023, a gunman opened fire and killed five people after his neighbor asked him to turn his music down so their baby could sleep.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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