Pres. Biden Shares Help for the Citizens of Hawai’i Affected by Wildfires

Pres. Biden Shares Help for the Citizens of Hawai’i Affected by Wildfires

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
August 14, 2023

After the brutal wildfires that affected Hawai’i, President Joe Biden (D) shared the measures the government is taking to help the citizens of Hawai’i.

“As residents of Hawai'i mourn the loss of life and devastation taking place across their beautiful home, we mourn with them. Like I've said, not only our prayers are with those impacted – but every asset we have will be available to them. Here's the latest:”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been criticized in the past for its response times. However, the agency has stated that it has worked to increase response times.

“1. @FEMA’s Temporary Sheltering Assistance is now available for residents who were displaced from their homes by the wildfires, allowing survivors to shelter in hotels or motels temporarily as they develop a long-term housing plan,” said Pres. Biden.

Reports are currently showing that at least 96 people have been killed, at least 20 suffered non-fatal injuries, at least 100 people are missing and 11,000 people displaced.

The help announced by Pres. Biden included a payment to those affected by the wildfires.

“2. We're laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time. We have staff on the ground dedicated to helping survivors navigate the registration process.”

Maui was the main city affected by the wildfires, but the assistance helps those from various Hawaiian islands.

“3. We're making sure all residents receive critical information so they can take steps to move forward in their recovery. This includes translating materials into the most common languages spoken in the islands and working closely with trusted community-led organizations.”

“4. I'm urging residents to apply for FEMA assistance. Survivors with internet or telephone access can register for assistance by visiting, calling 1-800-621- 3362, or by using the FEMA App.”

The president concluded his statement by sharing locations to find lost friends and relatives, as well as a phone number for the Red Cross.

“5. And for those trying to locate loved ones, a Family Assistance Center is open at the Kahului Community Center. Those with phone access can also call the Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767.”

In other news, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) visited the border at Eagle Pass to call for “humane” laws in regard to the migrants.

The Texas representative pointed out the torn clothes left by migrants whose clothes were caught by the gate trying to cross the border.

“You can see clothing where people are losing their lives because we need more humane treatment dealing with immigration and dealing with people.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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