Garcia Promotes 'American Dream and Promise Act'

Garcia Promotes 'American Dream and Promise Act'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
January 29, 2024

Texas Representative Sylvia Garcia (D) spoke to House Rules Democrats in an attempt to promote her American Dream and Promise Act.

“Today I spoke to @RulesDemocrats about my bill, the American Dream and Promise Act. We must pass a real immigration solution that 70% of Americans support. Dreamers are American in their hearts, it's time for them to be Americans on paper and have a path to citizenship,” said Rep. Garcia in a tweet. 

“This is a real bipartisan solution for our immigration system, which is broken. Our role as lawmakers is a special one. We are empowered by the Constitution to make laws which are necessary and proper to serve the nation as it changes in whatever form that may be. When issues arise across the country, we must find creative, common sense ways to fix them,” said the Texas lawmaker.

Garcia highlighted the children of migrants who have crossed the border. Many of those children do not consider Mexico, or the country of their parents, their home.

“Today, our country is home to Dreamers’ children who were brought to the United States by their parents and grew up here in their heart, in their mind and in their soul. They are Americans. Except on paper. They only know America is their home. They contribute to society as taxpayers, small business owners, scholars, educators and aspiring public servants. And during the COVID pandemic, they stopped up as essential workers. They served as doctors, nurses, first responders and everything you can imagine to keep our communities healthy and safe. Yet they remain at risk of losing everything, everything after living in this country for their whole life. They are in legal limbo. No family should be separated by finding common ground and working together to fix our immigration system. Congress can provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and immigrant families.”

According to the congresswoman, support for Dreamers having permanent residence in the United States is quite high. 

“Mr. Chariman, make no mistake, this is not a partisan issue. Over 70% of Americans favor a law providing permanent legal status to Dreamers over 70%. I dare say we don’t have that kind of popularity on any other issue we face here in Congress. 70% of Americans want Dreamers to be citizens. This is a real solution. This is necessary and proper as contemplated by the Constitution. I’m proud to champion H.R. 16, the bipartisan American Dream and Promise Act of 2023, with the support of a diverse bipartisan group of co-leads, including Representatives Chavez-DeRemer, Duarte Salazar and Commissioner Gonzalez-Colón compared with similar bills.”

“This bill stands out for its narrow focus with narrow language. Its focus is solely finalizing the simple, legal and safe pathway to citizenship for those cast into legal limbo because of Congress’s own inaction. This is a pragmatic solution which will have a life-changing effect on every district in the nation,” concluded Garcia.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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