Van Duyne Talks Border Security, Says Mayorkas 'Lied to Congress'

Van Duyne Talks Border Security, Says Mayorkas 'Lied to Congress'

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
January 30, 2024

Texas Representative Beth Van Duyne (R) sat down with Texas Politics to discuss border security issues as well as Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas's alleged lies to Congress.

“This is the number one issue right now facing the country, and I’d argue definitely facing Texas. So, there’s a number of bills we introduced,” said Rep. Van Duyne. “Texas sold land to the Trump administration with the understanding that land was going to be used to build a wall. Well, if they’re not going to build a wall then give them their land back.”

Van Duyne questioned the Biden administration, who have inherited materials to build the wall, for not selling the materials to Texas.

“We’ve already purchased it. Let Texas build the wall," she said.

The Texas congresswoman listed the “Remain in Mexico Policy”, border wall construction and the elimination of catch and release as House GOP priorities. Van Duyne went on to criticize Biden for not using his executive powers to shut down the border.

“He’s acting as if he does not have that power when he knows for a fact that he does.”

Van Duyne stated that she wanted to force the Senate and executive branch to accept H.R. 2. The Texas representative stated that the bill would be a win on all sides.

“The Democrat districts are hit every bit as hard as the Republican districts. Why the Democrats aren’t fighting the administration to secure the border is beyond me.”

The Texas lawmaker mulled over the idea of Abbott sending the Texas Guard to search every truck coming into the U.S. from Mexico.

“It would affect the Mexican economy. It would affect the U.S. economy,” said Van Duyne.

By doing this highly laborious policy, Van Duyne believes that it could push President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador to help the U.S. secure the border.

Many in the GOP have repeatedly brought up their issue with Mayorkas. Van Duyne is among that group.

“You had a cabinet member that lied to Congress so that is an impeachable defense,” said Van Duyne speaking of Mayorkas.

The representative continued, “Mayorkas has directly lied to Congress. Mayorkas did that. Biden didn’t do that. Mayorkas did that. So, you tell someone commit a crime, you’re still committing a crime.”

Van Duyne also gave updates on the Ways and Means Committee and stated that they just passed their new tax bill which would include possibly beneficial tax provisions.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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