Texas Lawmakers Dismiss New Senate Border Bill

Texas Lawmakers Dismiss New Senate Border Bill

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 6, 2024

Texas Representatives Pat Fallon (R) and Troy Nehls (R) gave their thoughts on the new bipartisan Senate bill that aims to curb the uptick of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border but has been panned as a measure that does secure the border.

When asked about how he would handle the border issues in Texas, Rep. Fallon stated that former President Donald did a better job at border issues than President Joe Biden.

“Yeah, I would push it to the extreme envelope because we gotta secure the border. You’ve seen the people who are living on it are so dismayed and disheartened by what this administration has done. They’re leaving the party in droves. You’ve seen that shift personally from Democrat to Republican. You saw it with the results of 2016. If you compare it to the 2020 election," said Rep. Fallon. "Trump did way better on the border four years later. I think that trend’s continuing.

Rep. Fallon added that he recently spoke to House Democrats about the border issues, warning them that their neglect of the issue would haunt them.

"I told the Democrats in an oversight committee hearing, ‘You are going to rue the day that you who have ignored the border… and you’re not going to do anything about it. And then this border bill…the woke parts of it for open border policy…those are iron clad but anything to do with border security is at the discretion of [lawmakers]," added Fallon.

Fallon expressed his extreme skepticism at the ability of the President and Secretary of Homeland Security to shut down the border.

“I don’t trust Biden and Mayorkas at all. They don’t enforce existing law so let’s make a new law and provide them the discretion to completely ignore it. It gets you nowhere. You know what that is? Treading water. You’re not swimming towards shore,” said Fallon.

Rep. Nehls stated that the Senate’s motivations contained trickery that targeted Republicans in the House.

“Putting them in a trap is what you’re doing. Because they’re Republicans that want…to help Ukraine, and they don’t like Putin. So, you’re putting them together to put them in a difficult position,” said Rep. Nehls.

Nehls claimed that he would do things similarly to Abbott if he were in his position. However, he stated that he did not think that violence would break out between the National Guard and Border Patrol.

“I would continue to do what you could as governor to protect the people that he represents at all costs. I don’t think it’s going to get to the point where we have National Guard soldiers fighting Border Patrol agents, this and that, it’s not going to come to that point because—number one—the Border Patrol, they’re the one that truly know we are failing here as a nation and we appreciate these National Guard guys augmenting us and helping us secure the southern border,” said the Texas representative.

Nehls was not afraid to share his opinion on killing Mexican cartel members as a form of border security.

“Well, I don’t mind if we went out there and killed a few of them. Think about this, guys. They’re killing the American people by the hundreds a day and what are we doing?" asked Nehls. "They’re killing Americans every day. Do you think that the White House cares? They don’t seem to care. When’s the last time they’ve actually said we want to address the fentanyl crisis in this country? And you know how you address it? You shut down the southern border. They don’t want to shut down the southern border.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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