House Democrats Tweet Support for Funding for Ukraine

House Democrats Tweet Support for Funding for Ukraine

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 11, 2024

The House Judiciary Democrats recently tweeted their support for Ukraine aid while they questioned Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R) next move surrounding the legislation.

“If Mr. Johnson allows a vote on the Ukraine aid bill, it will almost certainly pass. The question is whether he wants to be the Republican leader who stands with Russia’s brutal war machine, on behalf of Mr. Trump — or one who upholds the party’s best traditions of defending America’s moral and practical self-interest,” tweeted the House Judiciary Democrats.

Democratic and GOP lawmakers have gone back and forth over the new Senate bill. Some in the GOP have stated that it has no chance of passing, while others, such as Johnson, want the bill to be broken up individually.

Many analysts have expressed confusion over the GOP’s rejection of the bill. Biden, for his part, made several concessions on the border which has been a major point of emphasis for Republicans. Multiple politicians in the GOP and Democratic Party have blamed Donald Trump and other lawmakers who are holding up the bill so that Trump can run on the issue in the 2024 presidential campaign.

Texas Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D) spoke with Texas Politics about his support for the Senate border bill as well as another legislation known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy but stated that not enough is being done to secure the border.

“It’s not enough. I’m doing it because it’s better than nothing, but I myself have told the administration that I don’t believe it solves the problem on the border,” said Rep. Gonzalez about the Senate package.

The congressman continued, “I mean, it funds 1,100 new agents. We’re short 4,200, right now, that we have funding for, and we can’t recruit them and vet them and get them hired fast enough. It funds 375 new immigration judges. That would take a year or two to implement and process. So, I don’t see how there’s any policy that actually discourages people from coming to our border.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

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