Cruz Calls Biden's Energy Policies a 'Gift' to America's Enemies

Cruz Calls Biden's Energy Policies a 'Gift' to America's Enemies

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 18, 2024

Senate Republicans held a press conference today to discuss the latest development in President Joe Biden's (D) energy policies. The Biden Administration announced this week that it would be enacting a pause on the export of liquified natural gas (LNG). Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) denounced the pause of exporting LNG, calling it a "gift" to America's enemies.

The Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs held a hearing today. During the hearing, members pressed the Biden Administration on the Department of Energy's decision to pause on LNG exports, highlighting how the pause will only drive geopolitical risk for the U.S. and forces allies abroad to seek energy from "enemies."

After the hearing, Senator Cruz commented on the pause, expressing that President Biden's energy policies have been a disaster.

"This decision benefits Communist China. We're shutting down our ability to mine rare earth minerals and critical minerals, which means we're dependent on China for it. This is a gift to Communist China," the Texas Senator expressed.

"Who else is benefitted by this? Russia. This is a gift to Vladimir Putin. Who else is benefitted by this? Iran. This is a gift to Iran. Who else is benefitted by this? Venezuela. This is a gift to Venezuela. All of our enemies," Senator Cruz added.

"I encourage those of you in the media to explain how it is possibly rational that Joe Biden and the Democrats love oil and gas when it's produced by Iran, and Venezuela, and our enemies, and Joe Biden, when he came into office, refused to enforce the oil sanctions that had crippled Iran's economy, and Iran's production went from 300,000 barrels a day of exports to today over 2 million barrels a day. That is a choice from Joe Biden and the Democrats."

President Biden announced this week that, in conjunction with the United Kingdom, it would be placing economic sanctions on Iran in response to the missile attack on Israel. The sanctions are expected to disrupt Iran's production of drones that were used in the attack as well as targeting Iran's steel industry and automotive companies that are supplying its military.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina was the Opinion Editor of his high school’s newspaper, and he was also Editor-in-Chief of Miami Dade College’s Urbana literary and arts magazine wherein he also won the 2013 FCSAA Best Fiction Story in the State of Florida Award. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in English Literature. Hobbies in his free time include reading, writing and watching films and basketball.

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