Casar Pushes Migrants' Rights Agenda and Going to War with Cartels

Casar Pushes Migrants' Rights Agenda and Going to War with Cartels

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
June 4, 2024

In a recent interview with Texas Politics, Texas Representative Greg Casar (D)  gave his thoughts on migrants’ rights, the president’s immigration rhetoric and the U.S. going to war with the Mexican cartels.

“I’ve been on the record that what we should do is have an actual, thoughtful plan that is both pro-order and pro-immigrant, and we can do that by establishing legal pathways for migration,” said Rep. Casar.

The congressman continued by blasting U.S. policies that negatively affect other countries, “leaving them starving.” Casar pushed for a change in trade policies and sanction policies, which he believes will help people stay in their home countries and be more reluctant to migrate.

“I think we as leaders have run from this fire too often or blamed each other, or scapegoated immigrants or have fallen into the right-wing trap,” said Rep. Casar.

When asked if Biden had done enough to listen to Hispanic lawmakers, Casar stated, “I think the chair of the CHC is a very strong chair, and I would let her sort of speak for the CHC.”

Speaking about DACA, introduced by former president Barak Obama, Casar expressed his desire for the current president to implement policies similar to that, rather than enforce legislation similar to that of Republicans. The congressman stated that migrants' rights include being treated with humanity like citizens of the U.S.

Casar stated that he was briefed on what would likely be in the OR, but he confirmed that he did not know what the specifics of the bill were.

The congressman stated that going to war in Mexico was a “crazy idea”. Casar instead blamed Republican gun legislation that allows people to buy guns without a license. Furthermore, the representative pointed to how many of the guns, which he referred to as “Republican guns”, taken from the cartel were originally from Texas.

Lastly, Casar blamed the human smuggling of migrants on Republican policy and the poor quality and accessibility of the website and app required to apply for U.S. citizenship.

“If you wanted to ask the cartels who they’d vote for for president? Probably Donald Trump,” said Casar. “If you actually want to crack down on cartels, the best thing you can do is create legal pathways to migration, make it less easy for them to get guns.”

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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