Crenshaw Responds to Claims He Wants To Cancel Social Security

Crenshaw Responds to Claims He Wants To Cancel Social Security

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
February 15, 2023

Republican lawmakers have recently come under fire from the Biden Administration and Democratic officials who claim that they are trying to cancel Social Security and Medicare. The website published a list of 156 House Republicans who have “released a plan to raise the retirement age to 70.” Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw (R) took to the same platform to deny the claims.

“The radicals have to resort to blatant lies just to get some attention,” said Rep. Crenshaw.

The GOP congressman continued, saying, “Truth is, the Democrat’s plan of inaction will cut benefits in these programs, because that’s what automatically happens when the money runs out. Jeffries should be tweeting solutions to save these programs, instead of lying and politicizing them to score cheap points on Twitter.”

Crenshaw’s response comes after House Minority Speaker claimed that “Extreme MAGA Republicans” were “determined to cut Social Security.” Democrats have been targeting “Extreme MAGA Republicans” recently, possibly in an attempt to group together Republicans who share similar views that strongly contrast with the Democratic Party.

Texas Representative Maria Escobar (D) introduced new legislation to protect healthcare workers from what she believed were attacks from the GOP. “As MAGA Republicans criminalize healthcare workers, @HouseDemocrats have their backs. I’m reintroducing my bill, the Healthcare Providers Safety Act, which creates a grant program for healthcare professionals to enhance the security of their facilities, personnel, and patients," stated Rep. Veronica Escobar. "While MAGA Republicans remain silent on the violence real healthcare providers face, I reintroduced my bill, the #HealthcareProvidersSafetyAct, that creates a grant program to enhance the security of their facilities, personnel, and patients.”

Cutting Medicaid and Social Security has been a major talking point for Democrats, with President Joe Biden (D) referencing his opposition to the policy in his State of the Union speech. Many Republicans have stated that the claims are false and unsubstantiated. However, Democrats continuously point to statements made by Florida Senator Rick Scott (R). Various Republican lawmakers have denied the accusations, but it seems as if the allegations are sticking to them. 

Being attached to controversial policies like cutting Social Security can turn voters away from a political party, and it doesn’t seem like the Democratic party has any plans to stop making their claims.

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Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a writer and recent graduate, majoring in English.

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